Sustainability for companies Innovation in the public sector Collective intelligence facilitation

My mission? Contribute to a sustainable and human centered society through facilitation, inspiration , stakeholder and project management


My name is Tanguy De Lestré.

I am a Dutch/French/English language speaking professional based in Brussels. 

You can book an online coffee below to discus your needs in process facilitation, expert advice, stakeholder management

Triple transition projects Digital – Green and Society (public /private sector) : process facilitation, expert advice, mentoring


Collective intelligence facilitation

Innovation in the public sector with lab methods

Sustainability for companies

collective intelligence facilitation

Guide a group to make tough decisions? To provide clarity? To define a mission?

As facilitator I create a safe group dynamic environment that enables to move forward whilst keeping the human factor at all times.

Innovation in the public sector with lab methodS

  • Under the name TOKVILdifferent public sector innovation lab methodologies are grouped This provides safe innovation ‘playground’ for the public sector with citizens providing different formats: 
  • TOKVIL has been listed in the OECD public innovation networks
  • Untill June 2021 these activities can also take place at CCN Brussels North Station
  • Check the general information leaflet on public sector innovation and the dedicated TOKVIL.BE site

Bring sustainability in the core of your company

  • Sustainable development Goals
    • 3H workshop that will allow you to raise awareness and mindset in your company/organisation
  • SDG compass guide – 5 steps to an SDG actionable roadmap (Dutch/French/English)

    • 2 x3H workshop and 2x2H project facilitation.

    • Outcome: this will allow you to implement an action plan of SDG elements where your company can have an impact on SDGs.

  • MVO Vlaanderen – coaching Sustatool (Dutch)
    The Sustatool is a very complete tool that allows you in 5 steps to create a practical sustainability approach for your SME.

    • 3H inspiration session and 2x3H facilitation of the different steps.

    • Outcome: understand and pilot sustainability actions in your company.

Use Cases


Applying Kate Raworths scheme doughnut model on a regional level - train the trainer portfolio for administrations.


Complete online public innovation lab to create a citizen driven cycle bikenode network in the Brussels region (launched summer 2020).


Co-developed program of 17 hours to guide Luxembourg companies through the SDG compass guide steps

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