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Tech & Society inspiration; Smart city expert guidance, advice and facilitation

Yes you can!

 It happens that we tend to react negatively on a technology change that is affecting our daily lives.  By understanding the  underlying societal and technological context, this first reaction can be turned to meaningful actions.  

It can be useful to rely on an external inspiration source on sustainable tech and society. Or to  look to cooperate and integrate such an expertise in your offering.

 Wow, in a group workshop we could find new, diversified and shared answers to a complex societal and innovative challenge. This group dynamics was facilitated.  Such a  facilitation enables your organisation change towards more smart and participatory.

  Now I can show realisations in the Smart City area that are coherent and aligned.  Such a realisation often comes with good planning, expert advice in Smart city to guide you on your Smart project while using the  UN Sustainable Development Goals.



Provider of inspiration in the field of Technology and Society


Facilitator to design your processes smarter and more inclusive


Expert in Smart city to guide you on the Smart city helix framework and the SDGS

Lost in transition?


Looking for answers on following questions?

  • Are cooperatives reinventing the relationships between humanity- work and the planet?
  • Will the administration disappear like the bank branches due to self-service technology?
  • Why is open data important?
  • Did u say everything comes back to a geo-spatial analysis?
  • Why is Alexis de Tocqueville a source of inspiration for the TOKVIL public policy lab?
Same structure, same outcomes

FACILITATOR to design your processes smarter and more inclusive

Wonder how to get better answers and solutions?  Maybe the  decision process needs to be updated?

  • What are the advantages of facilitation through hands-on  techniques?
  • How to involve citizens through adapted participatory methods;
  • How  to make sound decisions in a flat hierarchy organisation?
  • How to apply design thinking methodology for definition, ideation,  testing and prototyping?
Why it is important?

Let the Smart city work for you - EXPERT

Looking for answers on following questions?

  • How can the 4 parts of the Smart city helix  work together.
  •  Is design thinking the killer method?
  • How can you as private actor align your activities to a real and long lasting activity for the public good?
  • How can you as public sector move out of your strict  administrative structures and allow to have a relevant response to 21St century challenges like housing and air pollution?
  • How can you as an academic root your research in relevant issues, without losing your innovation ingenuity?
  • How can you as a citizen network create a positive impact
  • What about looking together in the same direction to align a better future based on planet – people and a sustainable business model (SDG)?
  • Can the UN SDG sustainable development goals be integrated all along the path of Smart city so as to be sure it does not become a  dehumanised technology- only approach?
You are not alone

Use Cases


Hands-on inspiration in public innovation by founding TOKVIL public policy innovation labs.


Applying Sociocratic design principles in BEESCOOP cooperative supermarket to facilitate brainstorm and decisions at workshops and general assembly.


Providing Sustainable Development Goals workshops at Belgian public bank, at companies part of the Incredible Oasis cooperative and Transforma Brussels Co-working.

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