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Tanguy De Lestré is based in Brussels, European and with a cosmopolitan view.

The right man in win-win partnerships.

In the Smart city area academics speak about the quadruple helix model combining academics, private sector, public sector and citizen. I learnt the insider way within the Brussels Regional Government: it is not so easy to make changes, due to outdated organisational structures. Also the quadruple helix model can only work when intrinsic motivations of the different participants can be understood. And in this field the DNA of the actors are often not going in the same direction or pace. as I learned by working for each of the partners in the helix model. 

That’s how I ended up becoming an important advocate for Design Thinking Methodologies to break the silos, and of the Sustainable Development Goals to reach common objectives between the different participants of this quadruple helix. 

Creating a sustainable and participatory ‘commons’ future.

I learned the ins and out of facilitation and stakeholder management over the years with complex coalitions to be freed from the prisoners’ dilemma. For the past 3 years I have immersed myself into new ways of creating a ‘commons’ future, and this through participation in various cooperative structures, that are tackling hands-on some of the SDG challenges:

    • cooperator and facilitator at cooperative supermarket BEESCOOP creating a real food supermarket with a strong participatory model
    • shareholder and trainer at Incredible Company cooperative, a well-being area (incredible oasis) for employees by providing keys to societal
    • shareholder of SMART cooperative providing HR tools for freelancers in the societal and artistic transition
    • co-founder of the Parentsolo house providing professional self-help for single parents in Brussels;

Creating a future where Tech is beneficial  to Society

In my previous 13 year career, I was an advocate for Technology advances in various fields like mobile technology, geo-spatial databases, and even drones. At the Belgian Tech and industry Federation Agoria, I managed for 13 years different public policy topics put on the agenda by industry leaders, and created tangible and results for the common benefit of the company members and the society as a whole. I connected the Brussels Tech early adopters ecosystem with the global tech based networks I used like GSM association and Mobilemonday. Other experiences have balanced this technology only approach. 

Innovation Twist? You will often find me at the forefront of societal / tech evolutions, trying to make a positive twist of all this.

    • I recently launched TOKVIL labs in Brussels, a community that aims to create innovation resilience in the public sector area at large. 
    • I have been a regular speaker on the global scene (Kuala Lumpur, Helsinki, Brussels, Las Vegas, Barcelona) related to the link between Tech and Society.4
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